the video chats/calls need to STOP

i don’t know why i have to keep saying this: video calls/video chats are a risk for your privacy and personal info. you’re talking to strangers that you don’t know and putting your identity at a huge risk. i say we find a way to ban any and all links/topics related to video calls and video chats. please. i want to make sure everyone stays safe, and these google meets and other video calls/chats are not helping.

@blife450 @moderators please see this


raises hand second the motion

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this is very annoying that i have to do this for the 2nd or 3rd time

i third the motion.

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i fourth the motion

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also, i’m not saying that the amount of video chats have slowed down on this site, i’m just saying that it’s still a problem that needs to be dealt with

I Fifth the motion

I sixth the motion

We’ve banned those links already, but violators are using IDs of chatrooms, and it’s not possible to ban all number combinations or somehow associate them with video calls or etc.
Community members should flag posts with invitations to those video calls/chats. Maybe we are missing some combinations that we could block


They also send screenshots of the link.

And how can we block it?
We need to block people who send them to stop that violation

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