The Wilbur War (Alivebur Support vs. Ghostbur Support)- Fanart!

So uhh Galaxy started a big war over which side of Wilbur was better in her Discord server-- and so I drew art for it–

Personally, I’m a Ghostbur supporter. But oh well.

I’m pinging @Hous and @GalaxyWings because they’re in this war-

yeet. and all of them.


alivebur pog


Alivebur forever o7

sighs Do you even know Ghostbur’s backstory or why Alivebur acts the way he does?

I mean, Ghostbur is the ghost of Wilbur Soot, who became a madman and BLEW UP HIS OWN COUNTRY in the SMP.

mhm i know

blinks a few times