This is a Warning

Please watch out for @Nevaeh_Pacheco if she pms you about anything s e x related please leave and do not show her your face ( i wouldn’t to any stranger but) she has taken peoples info and faces and catfished people with it im not gonna say who but just watch out please

if this happens please report it to @Nuggy @FrostyFromWendys and @blife450

thank you


Dude tysm

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Ty Ash

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We have a pm together and she hasn’t don it to me yet


why has nobody else seen this?

idk…try pinging people

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NoBoDy Is SeEiNg ThiS GuEsS TheY AiNt GeTtInG a WaRnInG


welp…their fault.

I saw it! I never even heard of this user-

well they are gross and DANGEROUS AS H E L L!!!

I know!


I saw it I just didn’t comment
But thanks you’re a good mod


He really is!

but did u already already band him/her?

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yea but there could be more people like her.

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oh ok

shes not nice she asks to be your friend then she asks for your pic if u dont give it shell still get it some how and then call u ugly idoit and other mean names

i think that she is a haker