This is for all my friends on ccc...

I wrote a song for you guys… this has the same tune as the song I made earlier today called I’m Sorry. Enjoy!

Thank you for what you’ve done
I’ve had some fun
I am no longer sad
And i’m no longer mad
I am finally free
To be who I want to be!
we won’t always agree,
But we’re still family!

We are all always here
With or without fear
We are always there,
For one another it’s fair

I’ll always be there for you
And you’ll be there for me too
We might always disagree
but it’s okay to be me!

We are always here,
with or without fear.
We are always there,
For one another it’s fair

This is the end of my song
I hope you’ll sing along
I am always there for you,
and don’t forget that too


what about the other one?

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idk what you mean

"Why do you spare me so?
I almost destroyed your home,
You know it makes me sad
For all the things I had
Done to you, no please don’t leave
I have much more to grieve
You are the only one
Who is more fun
I did not mean to go mad
I was just so sad
For everything I had lost
I was your final boss
I’m sorry, now you can go,
back to your loving home
I will just sit here instead
until I go back to bed
Why are you still here I thought,
I told you to get lost
Now, there isn’t much time
before I go back to my
place back in the sky
I hope you have a good time
Why are you still hugging me?
Just go away and flee.
I just want to be alone,
don’t make me raise my tone!
Just forget me and leave
There is nothing I can be
Even as a flower you know
I will betray you so.
I’m sorry now you can go,
back to your loving home
I will just sit here instead,
until I go to bed. Or is it just modified

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no it is a different song that is supposed to have the same music as i’m sorry

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ohhhhh Imao my bad

thanks :smile:


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I think i’m the musician on this now cuz i made 2 succsesful songs

album??? lol

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Sometimes… I just get up in the morning, log on to ccc, And sing my songs over and over again!

i try and make songs but i just give up i mean like im worse at making songs than i am youtube videos ;-;

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WELL thats sad… i feel bad for you…:cry:

im not really happy


heyyyyyy join meeeeee