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i like this one but i imagine it as my crush not senpai

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i love this on soooooo much since i’m super lazy

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Funny Anime Pics posted by Zoey Anderson

I like how almost all of them have anime pictures XD


so u like anime too?

I don’t really watch it, but I want to

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Any good ones you recommend?

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YESSSS! Naruto and Naruto Shippuden!
i’ll add a link where u can watch it for FREE

this is the link for Naruto:

This is the link for naruto shippuden:

you just have to click the 1st tiny grey box ^^

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ok cool!

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i hope you like it, i really like it

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how yall doinggggg

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I probably will

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oh, btw, in that website you can watch other animes as well, here’s the home page:

ight then

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r u quoting that one tiktok?