Totally tl3 badge

@blife450 can u give this to @luvlikaii

No i meant like create 1 cuz i wanna create 1

Ohh mk what badge do you want me too create? Oh wait you can just make a topic about the badge you want and I can change the category of that topic and make a it a badge topic


ok but not everyone is gonna get it

Mk thats fine

ok let me do it

Name:Short people

pic: images

Description: We are more lucky than tall people

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Let me go to my topic and found the short people


Dang. Im medium height-

@AshTheAnti-Hero can you give and @luvlikaii and @Alex-TheGayPeep @v4mply-wife this badge @UR-B0Z0

If you can

BRuh im bored

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No not me

Oh mk nvm

can i have this badge


Give it to @UR-B0Z0 @Shadow_Monarch @Demon_Crushed @xX_Luxury_Xx @luvlikaii @Spacenerd

what is your height first