Underscore_ Roleplay

Underscore_ is a three-person boy band composed of an angel DJ (Tomathy Simons), a fallen angel as lead singer (Wilbur Gold), and a demon-wolf hybrid guitarist (Tuberculosis). While they seem pretty chill, there may be a few… dark secrets, to put it vaguely, that lurk in the shadows, waiting to catch the band and any who associate themselves with the band.
What are they hiding?

Tomathy Simons/Tomathy/Tommy: @GalaxyWings
Wilbur Gold/Wilbur/Will: @Biohazard
Tuberculosis/Tubbo: @EliteSnowNinja

You can be whoever you want and as many people as you want.

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@GalaxyWings @DashtheWarrior


Wanna join?

dibs on tommy


That’s right, I’m not grabbing Wilbur

(Also, did you ever get the piano solos?)

{can I join as Wilbur?}

Of course!

ok thxs!

Now, if you guys can give me a second I’ll PM Galaxy something to help streamline this…

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(@ me when you pm me)

(@EliteSnowNinja you done with the pm?)

(Yeah. I have some info you need to PM Bio)

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(@GalaxyWings @Biohazard @DashtheWarrior, are we ready?)



(Did Galaxy PM you the info on Underscore_ and Wilbur?)