Undertale and deltarune clan

@blife450 can you plz make the badge like thisMV5BNTZjZjhlNTQtNTY3OS00ZGE1LTg2MGMtNTI3ZDI5MTJhYzhiXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTg2NzgzMDE@.V1_UY268_CR19,0,182,268_AL

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I want a clan is why

I think that a badge for something existing, like a game should be a fan badge
So that anyone who wants it could get it

What do u mean?

@blife450 Can it be that then? or can it become a clan badge?


Can It @blife450?

Created as a Fan badge
Who wants it, tag me in this topic

@blife450 me plz

@blife450 me

@IAMLOLBIT666 and @XxXUndertaleXxXGirlX granted

How I don’t see a clan @blife450

but I see it for some reason
and its granted an hour ago

ok thank you then

Wait but @blife450 it is a badge??

And I asked my friend If he could see a clan next to my name but he said no

Just open your profile and select a title, if you are about that


Undertale and deltarune are games, many people may want that and we can’t limit it to only one clan

@blife450 me pls