we want asgore, toreal, dr.alphis, flowy, asreal, mettaton, kris, ralsi, susie, lancer, the dark king, and jevil

I also have some Super Mario ideas, just click the gray link to my Super Mario ideas (I think that is how it works).

gets my vote

thank you @mittens we need as many votes as possible considering that my Super Mario idea is just a place to chat.

your welcom and can you go to meme plase

deltarune is not complete yet, but I feel like greater and lessler dog would work

lessler dog?

the one that when you pet it, its neck keeps on growing

ooooohhh sounds creepy

it is sorta

hey i made anather part of meme place #2

I am confused, was it he cat meme or something else?

what do you mean? just tap on the link. sorry if you think im being mean

image Image result for cat memes funny

I don’t think your being mean but I’m still confused

oh my gosh sorry


its ok, everythings ok