Undertale Roleplay (Part 6)

Duke comes back with dust and blood on their hands
I am done with that guy.

Mother, could we stay here for the night?

A did not look too happy
A: That soul was a pain. Look what happened!!
A was trying to wrap up their hands

Queen: Yes! I Have a about guest rooms ready that you could use

I just need a storage room or a closet and I have my room for tonight.

You’re the best. If anyone needs me, I’ll be crying hysterically in my old bedroom.
Oh and Mother? Please send Dani over

A: I may just stay in the antivoid, its easier

Queen: Got it sweety

A: I dont want to be a bother


Dani Teleports there

Queen: I will be in my room call me if you need anything

Dani: Hey!

But first, let me help you.
heals A’s hands

Hugs Dani

You got a spare closet?


I’ll take it.

A muttered: Wish I had a nice mother like Rosie does…Im perfectly happy now but…maybe I would still have emotions if I did

hugs Back

You’re always welcome here. Plus, my mom and I didn’t get along that well back then.

I wish a had a mother-