Undertale RP OGs

Please make this a badge given to only the people who replied all the way through until they replied 5,000 times total in the 4 parts.
(or if they have been in part 1)

@blife450 plz

I’ve been in undertale roleplay since part 1

I think im probably close to 3k in total

u an og then

its also if u have been active in part 1

I have been active in part 1
but I didn’t even have basic yet

ok that counts

@blife450 Can this become a badge that only the people in Undertale Roleplay Part 1 get or if they have replied at least 5,000 times in total across the Undertale Roleplay chats?

That kind of feature would be consuming too many resources of the community
If you just want a badge - then provide me with a badge name, image, and description

I think 5k is too much but can there be at least one requirement?