Unison League Fan-Edited Cursors!

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Greetings Users!

I am a active player and fan of a mobile game called Unison League. I will be editing and uploading official characters from UL to this thread which means this thread will be continuously updated with each cursor I edit. If you would like to be notified of new cursors, reply below and I will add you to the pinglist.

Pinglist: Nobody Currently

Note the Reserved Comments will be most likely used in the future as I am saving those spots. I would greatly appreciated if you do not flag or remove those replies. Thank you

The links associated with the name of the custom cursors are links to where I got the base image file from. I do not own these characters and the edits are simply just made for fun.

Current Cursors

From Left to Right: Cursor -> Pointer

Stellar Limi
cursor%201 cursor%202

firemin%20cursor%201 firemin%20cursor%202
More Coming Soon! :dragon:

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