User of the year 2021 in the Custom Cursor Community

458 people, 1 winner.
Who will win?

I have 458 people that I have highlighted, copied and paste, into the wheel. It took a long time to finish, it felt like h*** on earth. I got it done and now what I will do is everyday I will spin the wheel 15 times (per day).

I went through all that trouble for you guys, that’s how much I care about you guys.

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wheel of fortune

if i win I will do an elbow reveal and a toe nail clipping video


my hands hurt ; )

my toe nails wont if i win :smirk:

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I wish I could show the remaining people but its to much for it to work

Oh yea Ban got out, one of the 15 first people left

ok confused

do the remains when we get to like 50


you know what I feel like doing more spins

blife got out

am i out yet?



@bannana got out XD

free my mans bannana

@Miguelnumber1fan got out

ooh so intense