W31rdc0r3 L4nd |RP


help :cowboy_hat_face: )

(We can restart the whole thing)

( I don’t mind if we restart lol )



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I don’t care, as long as I can be Lazuli, my Bowerbird oc.

Completed image Here is my oc Her name is Matilda//


(I have many Weirdcore OCs! Maybe Matilda and Candy can be sisters?)

takes all your blue rocks THESE ARE MINE NOW!!

( YOOO I THINK I SHOULD BE FLIPPY- tho he isn’t my oc- or I can use flip- )

funny flip thingy)

yea one of the facts says
the )

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I just got tooth paste on my foot-)

Can we start now?//

(Lets start)

yeah but who do I use flip or flippy-)


is gathering shiny blue rocks