W31rdc0r3 L4nd |RP


Matilda Skipped around picking up flowers with eyes in the middle of them she slowly wove them into a flower crown

( I’ll use flip then-)

OooooOOoo, blue flowers, may I takes?

OOOoOOoO flOweRs


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(Please, for actions put these * around it, like this Candy watched her sister, fascinated.)

She looked up in surprised her TV screen turned on to appear the words “Yep :D”


I usually rp like this

Matilda walked around she spotted someone and waved “Hello!”//

Has a bunch of blue rocks, plants, and small insects

Flip Looked Around And Saw Like A Letter


(I don’t like where this role playing is already going-…)


Matilda looked around for her sister


(I don’t like it.)

Well here; have a blue rock.)

(The original roleplay actually revolved around the story, this feels more like people just ignoring story.)