We need a Goku emoji

That’s what we’re missing in here

Am I right or wrong


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Vote if you agree with me on this

i dont want a goku emoji like that how abt is doing kamekamehaaaa

@zigglybopbop @Ethan.kun what ya think

I mean if you do a poll and find a good emoji that can be it then maybe-

kamekamhaaa emoji

Depends on what it is

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those are images tho :sob:

Ehhhhh; I don’t really know if that’s a good idea, y’know. As there are a lot of people on here who haven’t watched much Anime; Or Anime in general. And plus; not a lot of people aren’t gonna be making new topics and thinking “Hmmmmm, I think I know what’d make this topic better… a Goku Emoji!”

So, uhhhh; reconsider this?

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bruh there’s already one .__.

Alright, just don’t be surprised when Blife closes the topic and says it’s unfit for CCC.


oop nvm I read cursor :skull:

:omegalul: :omegalul:

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