We should have some more smash

If you have a Nintendo switch then chances are that you have or at least heard of a game called Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. It is a fighting game with over 80 fighters to chose from. Now we have a master hand one already but I think there could be a lot more. Considering smash just got it’s final fighter, (Sora from Kingdom hearts.) I think now is the right time to get some more smash cursors. Some ideas could be a smash invite letter, or a smash ball, or sand bag, or galeem, Or maybe an assist trophy. There are a lot of possibility’s and I feel like it is kind of needed at this point.
Like this if you agree with me.

we kinda already HAVE those…

Galleem and Light tentacle, Dharkon and Dark Tentacle, Sandbag and fist, Smash Ball and Kirby Final Smash sword

they are some ideas