What if CCC didn't exist?

Person 1: What if CCC didn’t exist?
Person 2: Well then it wouldn’t exist-
Person 1: But like what would you do?
Person 2: Not be on CCC
Person 1: Yeah, but what would you do instead?
Person 2: Nothing
Person 1: …
Person 2: Nothing


great speech :sun_with_face: You could make a short trailer. It would be consiered a horror trailer clip :eyes:

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XD lol


play video games :yawning_face: :face_in_clouds: :face_exhaling:

Id probably be less distracted

but it would be sad as I wouldn’t have any friends

I will move on with my day.

i would cry and die at the same time

i would be bored a lot

I’d be a completely different person without ccc- so much has happened with the people I’ve met on here so I don’t think I’d be anything like the person I am now if ccc wasn’t a thing


i’d be fine because i got majority of my friends on discord or pinterest

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if it never existed then its wtv

it wouldnt effect me if it had never existed

see now if it vanished

id be vv upset

Tbh it would effect me if it never existed

For example

If malak didn’t teach me I wouldn’t of been as smart or mature as I am today

And we’ll me and @Nagatoro aka my gf
Would of never met
I also made a lot of good friends on here
And not meeting them is a big effect for me

Same bro :skull:

then i wouldnt exist

If it didn’t exist then I would be a different person

it wont effect you if you dont know of their existences


also then i wouldnt have met two…

“if you cut your leg off it wouldn’t hurt”