what you think...

is the world’s fastest car

bugatti chiron… by far

actually i just found it…
Devel Sixteen

So, they partnered with the masters – Steve Morris. Talking of Devel Sixteen specs., the supercar comes equipped by a 12.3-litre V16 Quad Turbo petrol engine, making this most powerful engine for a production car. If you look at the output, the engine belts out a mind-boggling 5,007 hp of max.

no. hennessey venom f5. 500 kph (production car)

The engine is claimed to push out 1600 horsepower and the devel has 5001 hp so i would think the devel sixteen is way faster.
and also the devel sixteen goes 506 mph and the venom only goes 270.49 mph.
So beat that… also i really like the devel sixteen because if you go on quick chat 101 youll find out…

is your devel a combustion engine or a jet engine