which robin is the best

@Nightwing whats the worst thing dc has done in your opinion


Probably Batman vs superman. Everyone knew Batman would win, so there was no point


it makes no sence that dc would try to pair up red hood and ravager as jason was once a teen titan and ravager is deathstokes daughter why would theypair jason up with the daughter of someone who has tried to kiII him

I don’t know

i mean i like the idea of them but it makes no since

I mean, it kinda does, but they could have done better


i feel like they might bring it into cannon but the probably wont but this is dc were talking about so yeah -_-


i mean im fine with it if they actually give a reason but i doubt they would

Which Robin has the best relationship in the comics?


with Starfire?



but lets be honest nightwings dated just about everyone


im pretty sure the only person he hasn’t dated is cassandra cain