Why not IRC?


Tell. me. how. @9pfs

I practiced all night.
here we goO

First: Unless you are spamming, you can do anything and not get in trouble.
Second: If you’re on a really big room, you can watch when a server restarts and about a thousand people suddenly leave, then rejoin a minute later.
Third: Rooms can be password-protected, require invites, or have any setup you want.

I AM A Philip.

Any feedback? What’s yours like?

  1. If your in a server they can mute you and kick you out of the server.
  2. there can be over 1,000+ people in a server. “Rejoin later” you can just stay in a server and leave join a new one anytime.
  3. Discord can do the same kinda you can put your phone number in, be a least # amount of days (How old you account is)

and use bots to help with that

arent i smart

Oh, IRC can handle even more people than that. Also, you don’t have to be 13 to use IRC. You don’t even need to give out an email.

then that would be a place where it is less safe then discord

Also, IRC is free. If someone sends you something, you can choose what to do, unlike with websites, where whatever you recieve gets to do whatever it wants. And it’s able to run from a single file. I have an IRC client that I use, in case you want to use it.

Discord is free

i have awoken

you can text, dm, call, and video call

in discord you can send links


If Discord truly were better than IRC, then those wouldn’t exist.

If IRC is truly better you should be a big kid and stop complaining my opinion my choices which one I pick<3

Have you even tried IRC?