Zombie Apocolypse Rp


  1. No drama…plz…don’t bring any drama into here
  2. Please be nice to one another
  3. No OP oc’s…it ruins the fun-
  4. Romance is allowed but don’t take it too far plz

Sure lemme think

hey bestfriend ^^

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Hey my knight <3 :eyes::eyes:

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loll :sob:


hmmm…how abt a zombie apocolypse rp?

:eyes:im finna be the human if so


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(my bad I was busy talking to my ma bout stress ect)

oop can i join

ofc ^^

i waannaa joinnn

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you always wanna rp @Lady_Strawberry

okay and?

im playing dam-

alr then.

Slay gurl put her in her place lol

( this is just a joke don’t yell at me

(Lol :sob:

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so funny