500 error


Why thank you :relieved: :sparkles: :snail:

Lol :sparkles::nail_care:

:nail_care: pedicure :eye: :lips: :eye:

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Yasss girlie :relieved::nail_care::sparkles:

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ok I’m deleted that post i put that said “i never got a 500 error” because it just happened to me lol


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This night we implemented a fix, that should make things a little bit better.
But, unfortunately, the full resolution of the issue in Cloudflare’s hands.


Thanks Blife!

Is anyone currently gets 500 errors in PM’s or Community wide?

No i don’t anymore

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I don’t either

Um so I don’t know if it’s just me or it keeps on saying “saving post” and it stays like that for 5 mins and so I have to log out and log back in.

that don’t happen to me

you a banana

Then it’s just me-

And it’s also blanking my post

Who’s online plugin relaunched in test mode
Keep an eye out for 500 520 errors