Anime ChAt and other stuff (Part 1)


Of you have, its a very popular tik tok song

No :,)


Then we learn in a few years? Obviously.

I’m 12-


We’re currently still minors and,

of course we’re still gonna be formal when it’s needed

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dude I have like years before I gotta get a job

I agree with this

We don’t need to use grammar on a site that gives you cool cursors.

We can practice as we get older. :slight_smile:

No :japanese_ogre: :japanese_ogre: :japanese_ogre: :japanese_ogre:

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my opinion says no

You should listen to it it’s a good song

Alright! :slight_smile:

So now we cant have opinions? Wow hey master of opinions!
Just kidding your not.

Bold of you to assume we have common sense :japanese_ogre:
Because we don’t :crazy_face:

bro no one cares about using grammar on this site other then you

okay and ._.