Anyone wanna kny (demon slayer) rp? ( ・∇・)

They are all married together



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Not gonna lie she reminds me of muichiro-

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how- but aren’t u supposed to only have one wife or husband?

She reminds me of zenitsu TvT

I dunno that’s how uzui is :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Yea like ‘Chiro and Zenitzu mixed together

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Hawt af :weary:

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Ik :joy::joy:

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So what character are you?

Ima oc


uhhh, i uhhh i-

Shes 4’10 damm im taller then her- im 5’6-

XD he is hot tho

Wha? Say sumn :neutral_face::clap:

im gonna pretend i had no words.

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Lol :joy: