anyone wanna rp demons vampire angel ect

i changed my pfp :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: child

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i’m not a child im 19 =( i just presses on both it just didn’t load for meh o-0

i get it now ok kk?

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name- mark
age- [] died at 19 []
likes- books music games friends
dislikes- demons random people he doesn’t know
s type- bi
race- angel


well your my child

your the oldest

Can i join in


he died


[ slowly puts the gun away ] idk how he died tho-

i- ma’am i see that-

[ pulls the gun back out and points it at her head ] wdym?

yippee wait

@elucent_elkanahatu do we start?

I thought it said “Name your child” :skull:

@elucent_elkanahatu wake up

well ima start because im bored

@Shifter join or he gets it :poggers: :gun: :smiley: :+1:

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nOt mA DoG!!