You get it when your here for a long time

aNd He iNsUlTeD mAlAk

my bestieeeee they called you mean thingsss


I honestly feel like I’ve been here forever :\

I will never get it :weary:

Same :skull::crossed_fingers:

same also

how am I arrogant first of all?

2nd, I have a name

:weary: rip

Alright, I’m relatively new here, what is a regular?

someone with a higher trust level who’s been here for awhile

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Well they’re higher up then members

he PMs me and the first thing he says is “I think Ryokaii is arrogant”


All I said is that he pings blife the most out of everyone

Exactly. His accusations are baseless.

I’ve been here longer than you have :weary:

I don’t think that he is a bad guy

… yeah, I think your shadow personality type is Debater, sis

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