bad news guys...

y e s s i r

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Dads be like: "ertestrdfyhgthfycehiuovterougtcru"

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No kidding!

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now remember, if Faded finds out about this, she’ll make this sound like a party, telling everyone that her biggest annoyance (me) is gone…

@DashtheWarrior you might understand this, but take this as a goodbye gift.

Y’all are free to check this out.

This video is part of my childhood, okay? It’s really special to me.

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(And no, there isn’t any swearing)

you’re one of my friends, and i just wanted to let you know, so that you guys don’t think that i died or quit CCC forever…

Oh- Your Zephyr- I didn’t realize, well, bye…

i will miss you guys…

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@DaRK_Dawg, i’ve got something to tell you


are you leaveing?

This aint a poggers moment

no, i’m not leaving CCC forever, i’m just not gonna be online as much as before…

i know, but i’ll be missing all of your activities, but i’ll still be here, but not any time after 2:40, ok?

okay, and I read above, we will miss you for the times you’re offline

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now everyone that’s here, remember: the only person that i don’t want them to find out about this, is Faded, because she’ll act all happy and excited that i’m gone… ok guys?

dang dude


ima miss u

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