CCCies 2020 Final Voting

ik you were stalking us with your acc on private

do y’all have like…super powers…
like how do you all just like KnOw

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im coooool :sunglasses:

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Oh we know :sunglasses:


No I got a email that I was tagged so I checked in to see whats poppin. Sad to see this place having downfalls everyday…

but like your acc on private ik you stalking

Is very sad…

Yeah, and? Watching these hourly fights happen is entertaining… I’ll make everyone a challenge. I have a secret alt account. Find it and pm it the words “Frosty are you here” and i’ll return for good on this account. Good luck.


I will be pming EVERY new acc on here…

i’ll find it later

It won’t be hidden tho right

Its the one place you will least except it. I’ll return once it happens…

lol i can get into it


what if we don’t find it
i’ll still ask you to get on

I’ll be on that account.



is it already made