DRAWING CONTEST..That sounded so girly- ew-

and what hair color for two more?

I need color ideaa’sss-

i like it

thank you!

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I drew Dingodile:

(Sorry if it’s blurry)

I’m looking for ppl to draw with

but no luck


if u wanna see my art, i will show u guys

fine, hey @POpboom-raccoon, draw me.

i, uhh

who r u?

( i have no clue what u look like to draw u)

i look like this:
pixilart-drawing - 2021-09-14T122710.906

oh u mean draw ur pfp, ok

and please don’t make something i might not use, okay?

oh, u wanted a pfp?

can i ask, did u make urs

i’ll send it to u later…