Dream SMP Roleplay (And Random Chats)


@DreamBeenFound Nuggy no longer wants to be Philza

he will be dr.phill

nuggy is dr.phil my therapist

Oh sh- he actually put my name there :camera_flash:

@Ashhhhhhh dr.phil i need therepy

you wanted to be GeorgeNotFound so i put your name down to play as him

your going to the ranch

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dr.phil please no

i need to goooooooooo

@DreamBeenFound hey could i be tommy

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As the wind whips 'round
I take a breath for victory

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dont mind my name my friend put it in as that and i cant change it

@DreamBeenFound who r u

@Spider-man he is g o d

oh s h i t

yes i am bow to me mortal!!


uhhhhhh ok bows to god