:Medk: emoji

i want to stay like this forever

Is there a category for you that says lounge?


Huh show me o.o


Does it let you type or access it? Does it let you edit topic names? Such as this

And does it let you make badges


idk but lemme test

I did I’m just confused how they have the thing :sob:


They are tl3

and finally my pfp is a gif

Wait but don’t you gotta be on the ccc over 100 days for that :sob:

yeah but i think being on 53 days is good i guess

I still wonder how I’m not tl3 yet I did all the things :pensive:

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im making a badge called screamer fish

i guess im lucky?

Mk just don’t make so much badges you can only make 1 a week or month I think idk

Also for sure use your power as tl3 for good then