Fnaf and Afton Family Roleplay (Part 4)

hey CC guess what today is

your birthday

yep :>

happy birthday dad

thank u :>

yyou the welcome
your birthday close to mine lol

when is your bday?

October 3

3 days ago


we are doing NOTHING for meh birthday today T^T

Vanny: Freddy~ Theirs a birthday boyyy!

Hey guys, guess who came back to CCC. I have returned.

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Vanny: Glitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

look who’s finally here after months

School ended so I had no need to go on my computer other than play minecraft so I just ended up not coming online

im in high school now

thats how long u were gone

Welp- sorry, i just went offline and never ended up coming back till now when I decided to go online in the middle of science class

I’m in English class rn and we’re watching Benji