Fnaf role play+memes

(I am Grim Foxy)(demonic)Dum dum dudulum dum,dum dudumdumdumdum

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ello u.u

(demonic)Who are you?

(imma role as mike afton, my accont is gonna say wilbur soot for the Dream_SMP role im holding though incase yall get confused lol)

(I am Grim Foxy)

(i gtg, cya tomorrow u-u)

(hello anyone wan 2 roleplay?)



this is meh fnaf rp and just read it I wanna start the rp so bad but i cant because not all of the roles are filled!!
thank you for your time :3

is it ok if i join a mike afton?))

of course!
you can also meet the other Mike!

ok ty!


wait can I actually role a Nightmare fredbear instead or A.J?


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Gem- stop posting random pictures of candy-

Prob cause

idk actually

I’m almost done