Fnaf Roleplay And Skits! :> and a normal chat sometimes uwu (Part 3)

btw the rp has a name: Alien Imposters

clara afton : hi jason

Jason: Hey

That spaceship has been there since like, 3 weeks ago, whatever Storm is doing is sus, he wouldve repaired his ship if he has powers

clara afton: where is every body?

Jason: its not my birthday, no surprizes i think, being knocked out in a forest hurt, and ive lost memory of that, even though it was my body

There was humming coming from glitches room

clara afton : how about we check that out

Jason: thats not normal, maybe Zero has something to do with it, he broke lots of me… and accidentally gave me psychic powers, yeah lets check it out

clara afton : goes to glitches room

Jason: Glitch???

Jason’s eyes changed blue and blue lightning flickers came out of them

Glitch had a small cupcake with a birthday candle and was quietly singing
Glitch: Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear jackson He stuttered on the last few words, tears dripped down his face Happy birthday to me…

Jason: Jackson?

clara afton: whats wrong glitch

Blue cracks appeared all over Jason
Whats happening to me?

Glitch turned his head to look at them, tears dripped down his face, he was smiling even though he was clearly sad
Glitch: Everyone forgot…

Power 100%
Oh no, this is gonna be bad
a bolt of lightning struck the outside and a blue cube appeared

Jason: your birthday…

Glitches eyes lit up with a purple glow, the glow spread through the room, he looked mad now