Fnaf Roleplay And Skits! :> and a normal chat sometimes uwu (Part 4)

you have-

She’s talking about part 1 like the first ever part-

looked it up and im pretty sure she didnt

i’m a he

Nobody’s talking about you -_-

Ill give yall part 1. Fnaf roleplay + skits! and also a tragic rp sometimes and a normal chat
Here it is.

Also Liz im a they/them

Oops Sorry- I keep forgetting .-.

am a certified dum dum-


Liz made the chat someone posted then I posted.

I was there before Chris or Biohazard

Y’all remember when I first joined?

yup but where IS Biohazard-


What do you remember from it?


I know

You were different then

How different? What kinda different?