Fnaf roleplay + skits! and also a tragic rp sometimes and a normal chat

ITS TIME TO STOP Dying glitch


Is Mike still here-


It’s time to stop, it’s time to stop okay? NO MORE, where tf are ur parents? Who are ur parents!? I’m calling child protective services, it’s time to STOP

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im guessing the picture is bad

no it’s photo negative mickey on fnaf worlld

what is happening?

I guess Mike went back to dream world SMP

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I thought u said simp

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Chris you still havent answered my question. WHAT IS DIS

he is tickling me

i leave for a minute and come bk. w t f is going on

which one of these do you like the most it can be none


Chris you do know if we were outside we would have thought about it the wrong way

minute!? more like an HOUR!?

None I ship Fonnie

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:joy: :joy: :joy: welp whoops?

31 minutes is how long you were gone

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