Halloween 2021 Badge

ayyy, can I have it?

need one now

i have been betrayed cuase i was thinking about the Halloween movie franchise but no you meant the Holliday

I want

i like halloween badge can i have it

@Nuggggggggggggssssss give it to @unkownkitty too

also with @lane_foff @User1000 @Gumball2137 and @Bandu

give =O

could i get the badge?

@Nuggggggggggggssssss give it to @Jae-Sang and @Hous

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ill take it ig ty

@Festive_Gem_Wolf can i have the badge?

@Nuggggggggggggssssss give it to @zero_likes_katanas too



I never even got it lol

@Nuggggggggggggssssss give it too @Bandu


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Oh thank you Blife!

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I want you to have it too! Please! :pray: