high school rp :)

Name: Ariana
s type:Bi
likes: music, drawing, taking walks, animals

ooo pretty, do you guys wanna start?

Ty and ya


*walking in the halls an bumps into Emily on accident * Omg I am so sorry are you ok?

Who’s gonna start

and what kinda High school rp

Ignore the first part

sitting in class listening to music

drops phone Im ok picks phone back up

*gets up and picks up stuff * oh good well I have to get going I hope you have a good rest of your day smiles and starts walking to her next class

Ariana:I’m going to leave now

walks out and stands in the hall

*walks into class *

is on phone

teacher: u will be getting dorms today

*skips class *

hears oooh

oh, ok do you know if we are getting roommates Ms

walks in and stands next to Delila

yes, Ariana?

teacher: yes u will have 2 roommates