highschool crossover rp

ethan: ya thx chase ill try my best

ok go ahead and make a oc or be a character on the list

ghost chase: sits next to ethan

kk ill make oc cause i dont wanna read through the list TvT

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“also my oc is dead version of me so i’ll just call me chase”


mrs sunshine: hello my class! im mrs sunshine

chase: hi mrs sunshine

mrs sunshine: today we will be learning about the old ancient times!

chase: nope im out phases through the wall

nerd: you mean were gonna learn the history between demonica and angelica
fredrick: its fake ya know it cant be real

ethan: wait chaseee dont leave i always wanted to here what happen

chase: ok ill come back

chase: sits

ethan: eheh yes
mrs sunshine: now demonica was a bad bad person as a matter fact shes the ruler of hel* now angelica is a super kinda person shes the ruler of heaven also demonicas sister
ethan: makes sense

after the story ill tell you more lore about them soon

chase: im from none of those places cause im just a ghost

name: yua




abt: she is from the underground, she is just pretty chill ig, can be kinda wierd, mentally disabled

thats it idk what to put TvT

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i love it
mrs sunshine: now every remember theres only 4 timelines
the anicent times
the past
the present
and the future
thats all for today ^^ now go take a break