Just a random rp (Part 1)

alr back to rp)


dm gem. NOT IN OUR ROLEPLAY per favore)


Jasper: Your father is dead. I’ma burn the house

Jayme: what about the cops?

i forgot i was here

Jasper: I have knives and guns

Jayme: alright

commits arson to the house

Jayme: k lets go home

Jasper: Mmmm okay! Sleep with me when we get home?

holds jayme’s hand

Jayme: k

i am aLiVe!)

how about pm me them so they don’t get chance of looking, might want to delete them

yay your back!

Ayo zim, is jayme okay or still upset about their mom?)

wait are YOU okay?)


Yea sorry if i took long-)

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he’s fine now

you did take a long time tf- whyyy)

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