Just a random rp (Part 1)

Jayme: hm! {gets up}

Jayme: hey you ok!

-takes of headphones- Yea i think im fine -looks at my hands and legs-

Jayme: you sure sounds like you hit the ground pretty hard

-blood drips form my nose- yea uh-… -touches arms and legs- i don’t feel any pain tho

Jayme: !

Jayme: {points at nose}

?..-touches nose- oh jeez- -covers nose-

Jayme: you should probably wash that out {covers face with sketch book}

Yea i should… -bows- thanks for checking on me anyways!

Jayme: heh- your welcome {walks away continuing covering face with sketch book}

-starts walking away then runs back- oh wait do you know were i could find the nearest place that could help with my nose?

Jayme: !

Jayme: like a docter?

hOlA- may i join the rp-?)

ofc just show your character or an oc and we would love you to join!

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Yea to check if its broken or not-

Jayme: oh uhm… maybe across the street I think-

Thanks! also im jax!

Jayme: My name is Jayme- and your welcome