lets rp!!! (high school) anyone can join) (Part 3)

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i want to die now



stephen:sends the pictures to alex i think this guy likes me should i ask him

Alex: Um sure yeets phone bc yes

rip his phone
stephen:hey im stephen
jason:im jason
stetphen:why are you blushing
jason:im not
stephen:do you like me
jason:fine i do
stephen:kisses him wanna go out
jason:turns red o-ok

Jayden: stops time and pours paint on both of them then runs away and lets time play again


tim:i saw all of that laughs
jason:ugh shush tim

Jayden: laughs

jason:i will gut you

Jayden: stops time and throws a dodgeball at Jason then plays time again

stephen:hugs jason calm down

Jayden: wipes the dust off his shoulders

jason:your a cu^t

tim:well imma go find someone to date

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Jayden: throws a fastball at Jason

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