minecraft series rp

gdyeu ok how about i find a oc for you maybe ill find someone


is this good

ok that is now jay
now lets start rp

ethan: wakes up
eric: ethan ethjqkqf sciectists they found so many new things in minecraft lets go to the lab
ethan: oh ok TvT

server: jay has fell from a high place

ethan: oh jay just died welp he should respond in like 3 seconds

at the lab

Mrs wu: welcome everyone to Minecraft 5.0 Minecraft now has a huge huge update with tons of new mobs biomes and items food weapons everything you could imagine but you would prefer Minecraft VR now cuz Minecraft VR had a huge upgrade its way more advanced now everyone enjoy the update in 3 2 1

the server restarts

everyone spawns
in a huge village

Ethan: what is dis place

MRS wu: the place you start this is the new village its called the city village because its literary a city also the villagers have a Lil upgrade you will see

ethan: oh cool
eric: ahhh jay stop oofing yourself TvT

fox: licks jay

fox turns into fire fox

fire fox: runs and hides

server: jay burned to death
what a idiot TvT

jay respawns

eric: slaps jay
eric: pls stop killing yourself TvT live a little and have fun with the new update

eric: pours water on myself

eric: jayyyyyyyy
ethan: imma go to a new location or whatever

at the snowy as fr desert

zenix: oi jay you own me minecoins where are they?

zenix: jay you know that cliff was 1 block

zenix: hey!
zenix: grabs out gun
zenix: luckily this was in the update

zenix takes damge slowly
zenix: shoots jay in the chest

server: jay pushed zenix in lava

server: jay died by lava