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I do that every day. Both in character me and irl me are Christians

:yawning_face: To sha

Nah, my OC can solo you

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your oc isn’t a user on here, I don’t think

:woman_shrugging: i guess @Nightwing you have a New Challenger

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can he beat go-

can he beat saitama tho

More like make Goku stronger.

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Hard no,
no one beats saitama


I will freaking call Wally and he will run your oc out of existence

Superman can. And The Spectre. Maybe Wally West, deffo Popeye tho

(rimuru has entered the chat)

Oh nos

anti spiral:


@Nightwing No way you beating saitama

Okay, some can beat Saitama.
But you gotta admit that a dude with no power limiter is strong


saiki k: