Nothing but weird :D

I think you should ask @Luis7911 first

What do you mean? I’ve been the one asking to give the badge since Luis made the topic.

well now sense luis is here you gotta ask them

Yea but if you read the description you will see this

can i get the badge too?

You never talked in Nothing but weird

I got you @blife450 can @dianxia have this badge?

Also @cemeterial i put your post at the top so people know :+1:

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you need to talk in the chat for it

can i have the badge i talked in nothing but weird 8 before idk if that counts

bro i talked in nothing but weird in 1,2,8,14,17


they propely didnt see you

also there is no nothing but weird 14 and 17

so idk what you mean

yo i wan’t this Mccreamy badge bro

im starting to think you gotta be in the nothing but weird 1 topic so i dont think i can have this badge

This is a bunch of Monkey’s Banana’s

i dont get it?