Oh look; Elves!


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so, i’ll get started on Misty soon, okay Misty?


anyone else want an Elf OC?

Maybe try using some extra things in gacha club, they help ALOT (unless you like your style the way it is, I won’t judge)

  1. try using the adjustments and outlines. adjusting helps you made custom hairstyles, clothes, and accecories- and they also can make the face more like what you expect-
  2. outlines make it look more nice and pretty-

which i try to. and they usually never turn out looking good.

How do you usually adjust or what color do you usually make the outlines


For the outlines, I suggest a color slightly darker than the actual color (example, the shirt is white, for your outline, use a darker white, like gray)

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For the adjustments however, I have an idea for and outfit, you know the flower crown in gacha club, choose which one you want and adjust it near the chest, make it so it ends near your arms, then it could be used as a dress top. (idk how to send an image-)

oh, thanks. perhaps you would like a Elf bean too?

I like using adjustments for hair mostly, maybe make the front bangs a litter long? a little shorter, maybe the back hair or ponytail could be shorter? longer?


okay; just list these:


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everyone; listen: Requests are closed; because i have a Doctor’s appointment to go to after school. and after which; i have to do Homework; so, sorry if you wanted one.