Omori Role-play

Kel is a boy tho :sob:

And he’s 16-

I know- so hanako , you wanna be a athlete or a chick with a bat?

I- Wha-

I’m basing it on the pictures I saw-

I’m already a Character- I mean I could play two tho

No jus choose one

I’m already Omori/Sunny T-T


I would love to play 2 characters I can also be Mari

Btw I use to have that exact pfp :star_struck:


WHAT i mean at least bro plays baskeball

:+1: ok

I have this pfp on my Discord- I just changed it because I didn’t know what else to use-

I just notice we both got sunny pfps :0

I remember how shocked I was when I found out I kinned sunny/Omori-

Can I be Aubrey?

Of course!

When we Gon start