rate my ship

and oop

for not listening to staff

Well… that was the fastest revive of being suspended I have ever seen in my life-

it seems like the ban hammer has a crush on you, perhaps?


yea we know and still trying to find the topic that started it all

It got deleted


also baldimore was banned for like idk 34th time

baldimore x ban hammer
sounds good

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I only saw him get banned for one second :skull:

I think it was deleted, but I saw something about it floating around and it sounds like he tried to do a rip-off of Ash’s Big Bird topic and didn’t stop when Ash asked him to? I’m not exactly sure what happened.

the ban hammer do be bad tho


mods knocked him out cold and than used a taser to wake him up :skull:

ye :moyai:

(traversetxwn whispers to you: he’s using an alt, gem)

Yeah something like that but he continuously made topics about it

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No, @ballmore is his main



Its his alt lol

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