Remove the FNF Ash cursor

thats a good idea

Should FNF Ash be removed?

  • Yes, remove FNF Ash
  • No, let FNF Ash stay

0 voters

Let me stay :sob::v::v::v::v:



nah your gonna be deleted :skull:

so i dont think anybody deserves to be removed maybe if ashhhh does it again u can remove him but I would give them a 2nd chance atleast

they scammed kids and people out of actual money-

yes thats true but they wont do it again but if they do they should be removed

they think its talking about nuggy

oh so ashhh wont get removed



so i was just being dramatic


well i still vote no cuz i do like the cursor

the game character represents an actual person in real life by the same name (ash)


i feel stupid

plus the person who made the mod that ash is in (amoraltra) did some really bad stuff and was shipping minors together in an nsfw way.

ok nvm ban it